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Happy weekend, dear ones.

  I sit and write tonight with a fan blowing cool air directly on me. I love summertime - I love the warm sunshine and breeze. I'd rather be hot than cold. But, good grief - this weather is almost too much. As I type, by my side is a cup of cooled-down vanilla tea. Yes, I put a kettle on my stove and made tea tonight. On a hot August evening - because, if anyone knows me they know I'm all about tradition and sentiment. And though it was almost 110 degrees here today, I made a cup of vanilla tea because when I write it helps inspire me (I know, a little crazy - but hey, whatever works right?) Yet, it sits untouched. I just can't bear to drink down anything that does not contain a generous amount of ice. Because, it's hot and... let's just be honest, this fan's really not helping. I've found it hard to be naturally thankful this week. I've had to work at it. I've had to say "I'm sorry" more than a few times and I've felt a little on-edge....not grateful, not all that thankful. Why is it so hard to be thankful? It's not hard to complain, grumble or feel bad for yourself. But it certainly is easy to stumble into negative thinking, isn't it? I read these few words today and thought... and thought - how easy it is to forget them, simple as they are - 

  // be thankful in all circumstances //
1 thessalonians 5:18

       With new resolve, I want to be grateful. Our lives may not be perfect, ideal, movie-worthy or even glamorous. The crazy summer heat may not help our moods and our financial, relational, or job situations may not make it easy to be cheerful- but with God's help, we can do it. I can choose to have joy. And so can you. 

Will you join me, friend? Remember my little thankful lists that I began earlier this summer, here
      I want to be proactive about thankfulness - in an even greater way. And so, I propose this idea: I will write my thankful list faithfully, but I need accountability. I need sisters to do it with me - so, will you do it too? Whether you want to do it every night before bed, every couple days, or just once a week - will you scribble down 3, 4, 5...or maybe more things you are thankful for? Will you take a moment and remember the simple blessings in your life? I encourage you to join me. We need each other, friends. We so easily forget, get distracted, get discouraged or caught up in the mundane. And then let's take a quick picture of our lists and share them with one another. Hashtag your lists on Twitter or Instagram with #ThankfulSweetness (or e-mail them to me: erin_sweetnessitself@hotmail.com) and once a week, I'll share your lists on a blog post along with my list. 

 In the last days, a few of my sweet friends and favorite bloggers have joined me - and their lists inspired and encouraged me: 
upper left: IG // @emilyholland937 blog // standthruthestorm.blogspot.com
lower left: IG // @simplydove blog // simplydove.com
upper right: IG // @bunkerboo blog // bekafox.com

Hashtag away. I can't wait to encourage each other's hearts to thank God for all He's given.

Remember the giveaway y'all entered for the beautiful gold vintage necklace? Today the lucky winner was chosen...and she is - 

 ____Nila Kussriani____
email me.

Embrace this weekend.
Do one thing that scares you.

Go outside and thank God for at least 5 things you see.
And smile. You are loved.




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