I'm a born and raised California girl with a big heart. Married (May 16, 2015) to the Oklahoma-raised man of my dreams and prayers who I sometimes call "Cowboy." I'm a new mama to my dream baby, Weston Joel (June 23, 2016.) My boys are my heart and my life! I love coffee dates, the color pink, Chai Tea Lattes, Hallmark movies, tacos, lipstick, glamping, country music, and all things glamorous and classy. Half my heart is at the beach, half is in the country. I grew up on a 350 acre horse ranch in the Los Angeles National Forest and Daniel and I spent our first married year on the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean, falling asleep every night to the waves crashing on the beach. My kindred spirits are Anne (of Green Gables, of course), Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Bennett, Kate Middleton, Amy Carmichael, Marianne Dashwood, and a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw. I'm a natural strawberry blonde. Thirty-one years old. A big dreamer and an even bigger feeler. I cry at the drop of a hat. Emotional, talkative, outgoing, and lover of all things beautiful. I grew up as a pastor's kid, homeschooled from first grade to twelfth. A Home Economics - Family and Consumer Sciences college major with a minor in Bible. Yosemite National Park and Laguna Beach are my two favorite places in the whole world. I am a dramatic hopeless romantic. My sweet husband is a professional viola player and street performer and the sound of his music does something to my soul. I love sunflowers and sugar cookies. I play piano and sing, and led worship for many, many years. I love the feel of laundry right out of the dryer and folding it calms me down. I am "wild and free" and when Daniel told me he was, too, I knew he was my matching heart. I've read every work by Jane Austen. For many years I surrounded myself with dozens of close friends; now, I've chosen a few, trusted ones. I know hurt and loss, backstabbing and grief. I've had my heart broken by boys more than a few times. I would hang a chandelier in every room in my house if I could. French farmhouse style is my favorite. I adore tulle, sparkles and pink champagne. I've kept a journal every day of my life since I was ten years old and have saved them all. I'm a shameless packrat and hate throwing things away. I would choose small, charming towns over big cities, hands down. To me, antique stores are full of stories. Someday I want to renovate an old Victorian house. I just adore Christmastime. And I love New York in the fall. If I could choose to live in any time period, it would be the late 1800's (think "Little House on the Prairie." That era fascinates me.) To me, a trip to Prince Edward Island personifies romance. My husband is truly the kindest person I've ever met and marriage is the most healing picture of God's love I've ever experienced. I love sleeping in and any novel by Jan Karon. I love DIYs and pretty paper. Lavender is my favorite scent and vanilla is my favorite flavor. I love bubble baths and tortilla soup, reading before bed and painting my nails bright red. I am the most sentimental person you'll ever meet. I struggle with fear and anxiety. Reading the Psalms is my favorite. I love Sharpie pens, cats, and long, deep, honest conversations. 

I am far from perfect (emphasis on far!) But I love Jesus, fierce. He is my first love, my Savior, my everything.

Welcome to my little home on the Internet, friend. This blog is my heart and my story, my passions and my joys. Through this little blog, I hope you are inspired -- to know how much the Lord loves you, and to live in His abundant grace. Any good thing you see in my life is a gift of His grace (and there are so many good, good grace-filled things.) He is kind.

I'm so happy and grateful to have you here. Be blessed!