the day my life changed forever.

19 years ago today, on August 13, 1993 - I made a decision that changed my life forever.

 I chose a path that altered my destiny and defined who I am today.  

I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

Never once regretted it.
Never looked back.

     From that moment on, I knew my eternity was secure. I knew my sins were covered. I knew He loved me. I knew I went from darkness into light. And as young as I was, I knew I loved Jesus. I remember how I smiled a little bigger that day. In my little girl heart, I felt a new peace and security.

     I'm no longer a 6 year old little girl with wide eyes. I'm a 25 year old woman who has seen some ups and downs in life - but through all the beauty and the pain, my hope has been steady. My faith - is always close to my heart and guides me in all I do.

 My dear readers, I can honestly say - giving my life to Jesus was the best thing I've ever doneFor me, it's not about religion or following "rules". It's not about just going to church or following a Bible study plan - those things are wonderful. But ultimately- it is about Him and my relationship with Him. He's my best friend. He's the love of my life. He is my everything. 

Today, as I thought about the past 19 years - years of growing up, really. 
I remember times I've failed...
yet His mercy remains.
I think of those difficult moments when I was confused and hurting - and I could only cry...
& He was there, holding me close.
I think of the cost, at times...
and I know it is worth it ALL
I think of my sinful heart and ways I fall.
and I know I am forgiven and cleansed by the blood of Christ.

      This world and culture constantly scream at me, "He's not real - do your own thing, forget God!" - but my heart begs to differ. How can I turn away from someone so real I can almost touch Him, so close I can nearly hear His voice, so beautiful I can't take my gaze away? I could just as easily walk away and deny I ever knew my family as turn away from Him. I cannot. I love Him more than anything else. And though I fail Him every day, He has never failed me. He is always the same, always faithful, true, loving, forgiving, and gracious.

          I am ruined for anything else. Broken, in the best sense. I am in love - sheer, utter, crazy, mad love. He is the love of my life - more than any other human love or romantic love - He will always be my #1 love - my True Prince. And I can't wait to see His beautiful face someday when He calls me home to Paradise.

Until then? I will spend my life loving Him. Imperfectly, yes. But passionately and completely.

Do you know Him? Because if you don', you're missing out.

I saw this little scene alongside the road on my way home today, just had to snap a picture

Happy Monday, my loves.
If you don't know Him...I'd love to introduce you.
Because I cannot imagine life without knowing Him these past 19 years.