like Cinderella.

  Ladies, as a new week begins I wanted to drop by and remind you - you are a princess under God. Don't forget it, love. 

 I saw this on a website today and it made me smile... because girls, it's TRUE: 

 Stay strong.
 Trust God for the future.
 Act like a lady.
 Wait for the man who will treat you with honor, dignity and respect.
 Don't settle for second best.

     Single girls - whether you're dating or not - don't forget you are precious. Treat your body with respect and don't compromise for a guy's attention if he doesn't treat you right and guard your purity. Married ladies and Mamas - encourage the single gals in your life and your daughters to wait for the kind of man who will treat them right. 
(I know, it's a Disney cartoon - but I just love this movie even though I'm not 6 years old..) 

   Ladies, we aren't perfect; we make mistakes and we are not looking for or expecting perfect men. But I pray we may strive for purity in our lives - for protecting our hearts, minds and bodies - to wait for our future husbands and to practice faithfulness. In singleness, to be faithful to the man you will marry before he's even your husband. In marriage, to be faithful as he is your husband. And to consider the men in our lives - may we guard their eyes, their bodies, and their hearts - protecting purity and waiting for God's best.

Don't go around kissing frogs hoping they'll turn into a prince. 
Wait for the man who is already a prince. 

Waiting and faithfulness may not be the most popular things 
and not always fun in the moment.
But girl - it's worth it!




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