Door of hope.

    Tonight, as the moon rose high above the darkness and  shadowy trees, I noticed how perfectly full it is. You know those nights when the moon just takes your breath away with it's fullness and perfection? Tonight is that night. Almost every day this week, I've found my evening routine altered - extra time spent in front of the television: unexpectedly enamored by high flying gymnasts, fast swimmers and determined rowers. This year, I've been more interested in a variety of sports than ever before. Perhaps I'm simply more mature and care about more than Michael Phelps can appreciate a greater variety. I love the inspiring stories, the athletes who work extremely hard and sacrifice almost everything for a goal... but mostly, I love the Olympics because they remind me of something I all-to-easily forget: a little something called hope.
       And as I sit at my desk now, my thoughts accompanied by no one but Norah Jones crooning in the background and a mug of hot tea beside my typing hands. My room illuminated by nothing but a vanilla scented candle, a small Tiffany lamp in the corner, and my computer heart is full of one thing: hope. 
        I think of the moon and it's boldness. The moon doesn't care what everyone else is doing. (okay, I know, I know - the moon isn't a living thing - just go with me here :) It doesn't care what anyone says. It just rises, faithfully and regularly - peeking it's bright head up and over a dark skyline. The moon doesn't care if it's alone. In fact, aside from the tiny stars one can see from earth at night - the moon stands almost completely alone. Yet it shines, bravely and brightly - in utter and complete darkness.  When the shining sun goes down and the moon takes over it's night shift, it doesn't question it's job. The moon doesn't agonize over being alone - it isn't afraid of failing, it simply shines - brightly and lovingly, even though the night sky around it is blackness. The moon shines because God made it to. "God said, 'let there be light' and there was light." -Genesis 1:3. As I looked at the moon tonight from my window, it inspired me.

      I want that kind of confidence, that kind of trust. The purpose that says, "I am doing what God made me to do and I don't care what anyone says or thinks. I don't care if I'm alone. I'm gonna shine." My dear reader, what is your hope? Who is your hope in? I understand how hopeless life can feel. I know just how dark the night can be. But there is hope. I remember an old lyric by Celine Dion, I think, that says, "Though hope is frail, it can't be killed." Jesus is the hope. This truth isn't popular and some people don't want to hear it. But I must share it's truth because it is the only reason I can walk through life in joy - He is the only reason I have hope and how could I sleep at night if I didn't share my only hope with those I love? (and if you want to know more about this hope, please email me)  

    Friend, keep your hope. My sweet grandma (the amazing seamstress) made these little door hangers this week and gave me one -
   I hung it on my doorknob and it instantly reminded me of a scripture I love - 

"There I will give her back her vineyards, 
and make the Valley of Achor (trouble) a door of hope.
There she will sing as in the days of her youth..."
-Hosea 2:15

    Like the amazing Olympians, I want to have faith, hope and confidence: to sacrifice no matter the cost, to do crazy incredible things, to work hard and push myself, and to hope - to hope for that little yet beautiful chance for something great. Yes, it may not work out. They may board the plane home from London with empty hands, no medal and a disappointed heart. But they don't listen to those doubts. They just work harder and hope. Because, though it may not work out..... but oh, what if it does

     My prayer tonight, for you and for me - is a rather random one. It's that we may have the faith of the Olympians and the boldness of the moon. To run fast and hard toward our dreams and goals, even if they seem almost impossible. To believe for miracles. And to shine. Oh, to shine. To shine brightly and boldly - regardless of those who say we can't, even though the world around us is full of darkness.

So go - loved one.
Shine and believe.
Because something incredible could happen.
And don't ever lose that thing we often forget...
that little thing called hope.

All my love. And a prayer for hope.




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