Friday's Fab List

When I started blogging, I used to do "Four Favorites" on Fridays -- a place to share some of my favorite things (of all kinds!) I've decided to get back on that train and give you some fun inspiration for your weekend!

So here's Friday's Fab List! You gals are my girlfriends, so just like I'd text my girls a cute trend I think they'd like, an encouraging podcast they should listen to, a fun restaurant they should visit, or a must-have product I found, I'll do the same for you, right here! 

1. Milani Matte Lipstick

As far as drugstore lipsticks and lipglosses go, I've tried pretty much every brand and mostly they don't compare with more quality brands. But, Milani is surprising me! I've gotten so many questions about these on Instagram so I'm answering here! I love the Statement Matte Milani lipsticks -- they aren't too thick or shiny, and are the perfect mix of moisturizing and also kiss-proof. I highly recommend these for the price! And the colors are pretty and flattering. My favorite shades are: Matte Orchid (which is what I'm wearing in the photo) and Matte Blissful.


2. Almond Milk Cinnamon Macchiato at Starbucks

Have you tried this new drink yet? I liked it! Caramel Macchiatos are one of my favorite Starbucks drinks and so I had to try this one. It's definitely sweet, so I say it's more of a treat/dessert type drink. But it's yummy! Sometimes I'm asked about my diet and what I eat! I'm not one of those who does the skinny lattes or healthy drinks at Starbucks -- all things in moderation, I say ;) And so, if I'm gonna do Starbucks, I get a sweet, guilty coffee drink and enjoy -- go big or go home! I just make sure that's the only sweet thing I have that day, and the rest of my diet is totally clean. I'll do a post about my health and diet mindset sometime soon! But when I cook for my family and eat at home, I try to cook mostly organic (which is expensive but I try when possible) and very clean, whole foods. Once in a while, I'll run through Jack in the Box and scarf down one of those awful but awesome tacos (this is really a California girl thing haha), but 98% of the time it's all clean and very little sugar, fat, processed, etc. Anyway, this Starbucks drink is yummy in my book! 

3. Getting Organized


I've actually so enjoyed getting organized in our new home since we moved! Since we got married, we've lived in one tiny beachfront studio apartment in Santa Monica (dreamy but teeny -- if we had guests over, we'd have to fill our closet with all the things in our living room just to make space to walk through ha! It was small but sweet for that season) with basically no storage space, and another larger apartment with not-too-much storage space. This new townhouse we are living in has a garage, walk in closet, and so much more storage -- it's like a whole new world for me! I've gone a little Monica on "Friends" with organizing this new place with baskets, bins, plastic containers, and labeling everything with chalkboard tags! 

- We've filled our garage with plastic bins like these to organize Christmas items, old baby clothes, and my keepsakes (#packratprobs)

- These are the chalkboard tags I've been using on my plastic bins in our closet and pantry.

- And these are similar to the chalkboard tags I use! 

- I use this hanging shoe organizer in my closet for organizing sandals, flats, and hats.

- I've been eyeing this basket to store magazine or throws in for the living room.

- I bought 3 of these wicker milk crates (the ones in the picture) from Target for storing nail polish, wash cloths in the bathroom, baby items I use in the night and need within arm's reach (diapers, thermometer) and tied a chalkboard tag on them. 

4.  Off-The-Shoulder Tops

This off-the-shoulder number is a repeat in my closet lately -- it is forgiving and loose, and I love the breezy bows on the sleeves! 

My 80's and 90's loving heart is happy with the fashion trends comin' back around from those eras (like denim mini skirts!) 

5. And Still She Laughs

I'm half-way through this book, and you guys.... ugh, the big, hot alligator tears. I'm going to blog about it when I am done reading, but it's healing my heart is some sweet, tender ways. 

Speaking of, I have been writing Weston's birth story. I'm sure you've noticed I have been pretty quiet about his birth and all that happened that day and those weeks. It's quite the story. Quite the ride. And quite the journey. God has been nothing but faithful, but goodness..... it was simultaneously the hardest, most traumatic thing we have ever walked through and his life is the best thing we have ever experienced. My heart has been healing for the past 9 months and I haven't been ready to write or share anything about the experience. But, I am getting ready now and know that is part of my personal healing. I'll be sharing it soon, as well as more of our breastfeeding story, in hopes that somehow, my little story and experience will help heal some other mamas heart, too. There is power in telling our stories.

6. California Poppies

 I grew up near the California Poppy Reserve and goodness, those poppies just the most beautiful show every year. We were on the hunt for them this week as we visited my parent's home and we found the most glorious field! More pics coming soon.

Well, gals, I hope you have the happiest weekend!

Thank you for stopping by and reading. Love you all!