Easter Basket for Baby

easter basket 0017.jpg

Easter Basket: Pottery Barn (size small) | Liner: Pottery Barn 

Little Lamb Book: World Market | Good Good Father Book: Amazon 

Teether: Amazon | First Easter Book: Amazon 

Chick: Home Goods | Bunny: Similar | Socks: Polo Ralph Lauren

Peter Rabbit Organics Pouch: Amazon (Weston adores these and I actually got the one in the basket at Starbucks haha) 

Gerber Puffs: Amazon

Easter is this week, you guys!!

And I'm soooo excited. Holidays with a baby is the most fun ever. It's something I've looked forward to since I was a little girl, actually! Especially Christmas and Easter. These holidays have such a significance for me because of the heart of them -- Jesus! And the fun things that surround it just add to the joy and sweetness! I tend to go a little over the top with holidays. I just adore all things festive and fun! 

I started ordering things for Weston's Easter basket right after Christmas (I know... so crazy, but shopping for him is my hobby haha ;) and I thought I'd share the basket with you for some baby easter basket ideas! I'm not always this planned-out (believe me, I've had my fair share of run-to-Target-on-Christmas-Eve moments in life, especially in college ha!) I had so much fun putting his basket together and he's already gotten into a few of the toys and he's just playing with them already! Can't wait til Easter morning, church, and family time. It's such a sweet day and experiencing it with your new little is just even more happy!

Here are some of the products in his basket as well as some other cute ideas: