My Current Reads

I love to read and have always simultaneously been reading about 10 books at a time! It's a lot, but I've always enjoyed going from one book to the next and changing it up each night before I go to sleep. Reading relaxes me, and even though a Netflix binge is fun sometimes, I find that reading is far more calming, peaceful and encouraging, even, than TV time or randomly scrolling through social media. Followers have asked me over the years what my favorite reads are, so just thought I'd share my current ones in hopes of giving you ideas and recommendations, too!

When Courage Calls 

This new favorite is so sweet! You know the TV show on the Hallmark Channel, "When Calls The Heart"? One of my very favorites. This book is the special companion series by author Janette Oke that goes with the show! As a 14 year old, I read the original book series "When Calls The Heart"  that the show is named after, but this (and the show) is a different take on the story. I've only read the first few chapters of this one, but because I've read every other book Janette Oke has ever written, I know it will end up uplifting, wholesome, romantic, and inspiring. 

She Reads Truth

I've done "She Reads Truth" devotionals on and off since they launched several years ago, and often use the app for Bible reading and devotionals. I have always been encouraged. I expected the book to be devotionals (didn't read any reviews, just bought it!) and was surprised it is two women's stories interwoven and it all points to the Lord's goodness. I'm about half-way through and have honestly laughed and shed a few tears while reading this good one.

The Joy of a Word-Filled Family

This book was assigned to me in a college counseling class on Family Dynamics, and just a small section of one chapter was necessary for the class. I was oh so busy at the time (#collegeprobs) with homework that I didn't have time to read any more of the book. But, it seemed to be filled with so many gems that I always promised myself I would read it "someday" when I had a family. Bingo, here we are! I haven't started it yet (so I can't tell you my thoughts or if I agree with all the theology of it) but hopefully it's encouraging for a new momma!

Happiest Baby on the Block

An older one that I've read most of -- some helpful tips, especially for brand new parents of newborns. 

So Long, Insecurity

Just dove into this one, after a trusted friend suggested it as a must-read for every lady! It's already encouraged me and been eye-opening. Beth Moore always shows up with gems of wisdom!

Thirty-One Prayers For My Husband

I've followed The Unveiled Wife on Instagram for a while now, and love her heart. This is her book and I ordered it, excited for inspiration on praying for my man! Haven't started it yet, but can't wait! Anyone read it and loved it?

Out To Canaan

Pretty sure that one of the best feelings in life (when it comes to the smaller, but meaningful things) is loving a book series, reading it obsessively, falling "off the wagon" for a while because of life busyness and then, years later, happily finding that the book series has grown by ten books since you left off! Jan Karon is one of my very favorite authors. I started reading the Mitford series when I was a pre-teen, as she released them. The whole setting and storyline is very uplifting and has a "Mayberry" small town/South vibe (which I personally adore.) Such a good, easy bedtime read, pairs perfectly with a cup of chamomile tea, and it is interesting, wholesome, and "cozy." 

Balancing It All

If there's anyone I fangirl over, it's Candace Cameron Bure -- I just think she's the cutest and the coolest. Daniel laughs at me because I'm a Hallmark Channel lover, and she is one of the main actresses (especially for the Christmas movies -- can I get an amen that those are just plain fun?! ;) and who doesn't like "Full House"? A few months ago, we went to a For King and Country concert and she was across from me in the audience -- I about died and Daniel just laughed haha! I've loved reading her book and hearing more of her heart for the Lord, tips for marriage and motherhood, and I really appreciate her honesty, how real she is, and how she strives to live in freedom and godliness. This book has some great advice on being a Christian woman, wife, mom, while working, and how to deal with it all. 

The Music of His Promises

This has been on my bedside table since I received it at a women's retreat my pastor-parents hosted at The Ranch when I was about thirteen. It's really, really beautiful and never, ever gets old. If you're going to order just one of these books listed, I recommend this one as #1. It's a good, classic one you'll read over and over again. 


What are you currently reading and loving?