Happy Spring! (And a Graceful Mag Update)

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(Sidenote: I've always had super thin, super blonde eyelashes, and I finally invested in NeuLash after researching it and seeing it pop up on so many beauty reviews for years. Figured it was the perfect time -- not pregnant, not nursing! And after two weeks, I am seeing results already and am loving it! I will do a post about it when I'm further in. But am seriously impressed with it and am kiiiiinda excited to have thicker natural lashes!) 

I'm back! As much as I love the very good things about the Internet and this blog community, sometimes taking a little time away from social media is inspiring, freeing and good for the soul. We've moved, fought off bronchitis, traveled a little, and enjoyed our little guy as we get settled in our new townhouse. Can you believe he's already 9 months old? He is such a joy and I love seeing his personality shine through more and more each day. Giggling, trying all kinds of new and exciting foods, scaling all the furniture, and just making our lives better. He has such a sweet, strong, precious heart and spirit! 

Spring is here and it's warming up in Los Angeles after all the rain we've had lately (we needed it!) I have some fun content planned for you. Life has been insanely busy (with all good things) the past 3 years for me, and I haven't had time to blog the way I used to. It's so enjoyable, fun, such a creative outlet, and so inspirational for me to blog. I adore connecting with you ladies and hopefully encouraging and inspiring you as I share my life and heart. Can't wait to post more of my life and loves, things I enjoy. More travels, home, style, stories, and momma things. I am working on writing some close-to-my-heart stories from the past months: Weston's birth story and my experience with breastfeeding. It's been a beautiful ride with it's share of heartache, and I want to open up and share more as my heart is more ready to after healing a little. Excited for this year and to share more life here in this little space. 

Also, an update! Remember Graceful Magazine? I've been slowly working on it and putting it together for months now! There is just so much great, encouraging content and the women featured in it and just so inspiring and have beautiful hearts and words. I'd hoped to publish the magazine sooner and make it available to you, but it's taking longer than I planned (hashtag #reallife :) and I want to to be good and well done. So, instead of rushing I am choosing to set the release date for this Fall. I know it's a ways off, but realistically this is how it's gonna happen. First, I'm a stay at home mama to Weston so everything else as far as work takes back seat, and I love it! But it's not first priority like business creative things used to be. And that's the season I am in and I wouldn't miss it for the world :) Pray for me as I follow God's lead in this and His timing, and hopefully produce something beautiful and worth reading that will be a wonderful addition to your coffee table and an inspiration to your mind and heart. Stay tuned for a firm date and more deets! 

Thanks for reading and sticking with me all these years. You guys are the best, love you all! 


Jeans: Free People | Top: Target | Wedges: Similar

Necklace: Similar | Earrings: Forever 21

Lipstick: Nordstrom (in shade 49, Tropical Pink) | Nail Polish: Essie (in shade: Blanc)

Watch: Michael Kors


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