Free Printable: His Plan is Worth Waiting For

"I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." -- Psalm 27:13

This has always been one of my favorite Scriptures. In my walk with the Lord, He has called me to seasons of waiting many times and in many seasons. Trusting Him for His time, plan, and way is not the easy road. It's not quick or shiny or sexy. But it is always, always best in the end. 

As I wrote about my story in my book, "At Long Last": 

"My plans were well-laid, very well thought-through, and quite perfect — if I do say so myself. They were full to the brim of fun and things falling right into place, just as I would like. People acting just as I would prefer them to be, just how I would like them to treat me, and I myself would really be the center and the queen. I would not need to learn anything, at all. There would be no uncertainty, no struggles, no sickness, no sad tears, no disappointments, and certainly no loneliness.  Most importantly, you might notice, they required absolutely no waiting, whatsoever. But as we know with our yearly Thanksgiving turkeys and God-written stories: good, quality, things of worth take time. And require some patience and waiting, learning and humbling, sacrifice and perhaps, most importantly, faith. I realized that in order to survive and not go certifiably insane, I must open my very-clenched hands and trust my all-knowing, all-wise God. But, man, it was the hardest thing I had ever done." (Read more of my book, in print form here and e-book form here.) 

I created this little free printable to encourage you and me! Just right click on it and save to your computer, pin to Pinterest, or print out and hang up in your home as a sweet reminder that His plans are oh so worth waiting for and when we place all our hope, expectation, and trust in His hands, He will never, ever let us down.

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