Graceful Magazine: I want YOU to contribute!

Hi lovely sisters! 

As you know, from my Instagram posts and updates

(find my two instagram accounts:

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that I have been working on (finally, after years of dreaming but it just was not the right time) Graceful Magazine's first ever issue!! I am thrilled to see this dream the Lord laid on my heart when I was a little girl (I wrote in my journal at age 8 or 9 that I dreamed of being the editor and creator of a women's magazine someday that would inspire and uplift girls!) I have so much amazing, beautiful, inspiring content in the works. I am featuring some pretty spectacular women, and sharing some encouraging things. The magazine will be full of life-giving words that point us to Him, full of content that is deep, raw, and real. Full of stories that are pretty, ugly, beautiful and redeemed. But also it will be full of beauty. God has given us beautiful gifts and I love celebrating them! There will be devotional content, recipes and food, travel, fashion, beauty, and business (#ladybosses!) 

And here, my dear, is where YOU come in.

I don't want to do this alone.

I want to link arms with you incredible, gifted, extraordinary women and do this thing with you, too. I am not yet building a full contributor "team" but for this first issue, it's my dream to include some of YOU amazing women and your talents, hearts, words, and art. If there is something on your heart that you would like to share, please submit away!

Here are the submission guidelines: 

+ Submissions can be anything you have on your heart: articles, devotional-style words, art (paintings, graphic design), hand-lettering (especially of Scriptures and inspiring words), photography, song lyrics, poetry. (The sky's the limit!)

+ Photography submissions: we are looking for beautiful flat lays (food, drinks, fashion, books, etc), nature and landscape shots (think beautiful roses, sunsets, oceans, mountains!), lifestyle photos (think: coffee in your hand, a Bible laid on a bed with a flower on it, etc.) and we are also looking for people photos (couples holding hands, mama holding a baby, weddings, and most specifically women of all ages.) Please make sure photos are 350 DPI and high resolution.

+ Devotional submissions: should be 500-700 words in length.

+ Articles should be 900-2,000 words in length.

+ If you own a shop, and would like your product featured in our Christmas Gift Guide or an Advertisement (we are offering a select number of free ad spaces for this first issue) send your information along, as well and we can chat!

+ Submissions should be sent to: with the title: "Magazine Submission"

+ Because of the number of submissions, we can't guarantee a reply. 

+ If we select your submission, you will be contacted! 

+ If your submission is not selected for this magazine issue (Winter 2016), it could be selected for NEXT (Spring 2017!) so keep your eyes open for an email from me! :) 

+ If your submission is selected, you will be given credit in the magazine (featuring your name and your blog/website address / Instagram handle.)

+ Deadline for submissions for this upcoming Winter 2016 issue: November 10! 

*** When you submit your words, art, creativity, etc -- you are giving me permission to print it in a Graceful Magazine issue. Please include your name and blog or Instagram handle so we can properly credit you. 





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