Valentine Favorites

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Friends! As you can see, the blog is under construction and I am almost ready to be back to blogging -- this coming Friday, right before Valentine's Day! So excited to be back sharing my heart, life, story and loves! Just wanted to stop in during the "remodel" process this week and share some of my favorite pretty things for Valentine's Day. It's one of my favorite holidays (obviously because of alllll the pink :) but believe it or not, this is my very first Valentine's Day to have a real Valentine (other than my sweet dad who always bought me and Sister presents) -- my Cowboy! He has a surprise day planned on Saturday, and I'm just so thankful for his sweet heart and thoughtfulness. He truly cherishes me and that is one of the main things I always looked for in a guy. Keep on waiting, beautiful girls who aren't settling -- good men exist (even if it took me 27 Valentine's Days to find "him! ;)  

Below are some more of my favorite items for this pink and red holiday of love: 

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