Babies Feel Pain Too (& What You Can Do)

You guys, this is very important so take a second, stop what you're doing and listen up. This is something SO close to my heart and I'm so passionate about it, I can't help but share ... because it's matter of life and death. My friend Jessi shared all about this on her blog and I found out about it this afternoon, which is why I'm just sharing it now. (Check out her post to learn more too.)

Tomorrow, the U.S. House n HR1797- Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection. It would ban abortions after 20 weeks based on the scientific evidence that by at least 20 weeks, babies in the womb feel pain. During surgery in-utero, babies at the same gestation receive pain medication. Laws should reflect science. I am just horrified by the fact that 300 abortion providers in this country will do abortions at and after 20 weeks and 140 providers will do them at 24 weeks. Abortion at any stage is murder and so so heartbreaking, but at this stage of life in the womb, a baby's body is formed - legs, arms, taste buds present on the tongue, kidneys making urine, the ability to swallow - and the baby can also feel pain. If a pregnant mother finds out her unborn baby needs in-utero surgery, doctors will give the baby pain medication. And yet before a horrible abortion procedure, the baby receives NO pain medication and suffers greatly. My friend shared this link on her blog, and it is helpful if you need to be informed about the abortion procedure at this late stage of a baby's development read it here - written by a former late term abortionist (no pictures or video, just graphic description) 

If you're anything like me, your heart is breaking after reading the last paragraph and you just want to help somehow. Well, you can. This is a bit late notice, but we can still help: 

  • I called my Representative in California this afternoon. Their office was closed, so I left a message: Go to this website, put your zip code in, and you'll get the phone # for your representative. There are ideas on what to say exactly. Your voice makes a difference! Ask your rep to vote YES on HR1797. 
  • And pray. Tomorrow is a pivotal day that can save precious human life. Pray God works in the hearts of all our Representatives and pray that abortion is stopped. It's so close to my heart. If you truly look at the facts, you cannot deny it's murder and so wrong - regardless of your religious beliefs or political stance. So please, pray that our country sees the light. 

Loves, if you are a girl who is pregnant and you are thinking about having an abortion, please reach out to someone who can help you. There are so many ways to get help. But don't kill your baby. You are so so loved by God and your baby is loved too. And if you're a precious one who regrets having an abortion in the past, know that in Jesus there is forgiveness, grace and hope. 
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