a letter to you: when you're tired of being tired.

Dear Friend,

Tonight I threw a load of laundry in the washer and wearily brewed a cup of tea. I crept upstairs and sat down at my pink vintage desk with a heavy sigh. I'm weary. And a little tired. You know the feeling? Tired in many ways because of good things - events over the weekend, time with sweet friends, celebrating Dad and a sleepover with sister. But also weary of other things... like waiting, working, running, pursuing, striving, and sometimes failing. And as my little white fan blows and my french vanilla tea sends little steamy swirls up above the cup (How ironic, right? Drinking hot tea while running a fan to cut the heat? Can't help it. Love my tea hot!) Norah Jones croons in the background, singing "Come away with me in the night..." and I sigh. Jesus is calling... it's not a worship song, but I often find He speaks through simple love songs.. because, after all - this is a love story isn't it? It is for me and Him. He reminds me to breathe. To shut my eyes and just be. To not always strive to be entertained or constantly work. To not try to change, even. But just to let Him love me.

Are you tired too?

Tired of being tired. 
Tired of taking out the trash.
Tired of checking your always buzzing phone.
Tired of making coffee every morning.
Tired of waiting... for that dream. For His timing.
Tired of going and pushing and striving.
Tired of balancing and budgeting.. money and time.
Tired of remembering the things you can't forget.
Tired of fearing the things you can't control.
Tired of holding onto the things you fear.
Tired of listening to the same old songs.
Tired of hearing lies in your head that you're not good enough, smart enough, rich enough.
Tired of feeling poor.
Tired of messing up.
Tired of dropping the ball again, being late, letting them down.
Tired of being misunderstood.
Tired of fighting and tired of hurting.
Tired of hiding, tired of fake smiling.
Tired of grieving the loss of something that has never existed.
Tired of being disappointed.
Tired of loss.
Tired of the struggle.

.... Remember that Jesus said: 

"Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, 
for I am gentle and humble in heart, 
and you will find REST FOR YOUR SOULS."
Matthew 11:29 

Come Lord by Rita Springer on Grooveshark

Love and hugs, dear ones.
I pray your week ahead is full of rest for your soul and peace in His arms.
Hold onto Him and fight for that rest.
Ask Him for it.
You are loved.


PS - 
I read a post by my dear friend Rae last week
 and it encouraged me so much and partly inspired me to write this one :) Read it here