Vlog // The #1 Reason Why I Choose to Save Sex for Marriage

Sexual purity is a passion of mine, and if you have spent more than 5 minutes reading through this little space of mine you'd see my heart and passion pour through onto the pages, my goal being to encourage young people to pursue a life of sexual purity. Since writing my first post on the subject  I've met and received emails and feedback from thousands of people who share the same heart. I've been so encouraged to know we are NOT alone in this pursuit. And speaking openly about abstinence has been a theme in my ministry and writing and will continue to be as I write my book.

But why is this a passion of mine? Why am I really choosing to save sex for marriage and why do I believe it is important? Aside from abstinence just being a wise, smart thing to choose - saving heartache and emotional scars, protecting your future marriage and spouse, avoiding STD's and unwanted pregnancy, honoring the sacredness of the covenant of marriage, and simply respecting your own body. What is the #1 reason I choose to save sex for marriage? 

I wanted to share a little more of the heart behind why I am choosing this road less traveled.  

What exactly do I mean by "purity"? What if you're not a virgin, is it hopeless for you? Watch my video as I share my heart a little more on this topic and answer those questions and more. May you be encouraged to entrust your love life, body, heart, and mind to God, knowing His way is best! 

Wherever you are on your journey,
I pray you are inspired to live a life of sexual purity!

Be encouraged, stay strong,
and know you are NOT alone! 

Email me if you need prayer or encouragement in this area,
and if you are one of the precious ones who has emailed me - I am writing back,
I promise! It takes me a while because of the amount of emails I receive,
but know I am praying for you until I have time to reply officially :)

Love your sistah in this journey,