baby, you were born to bloom

As our week comes to a close, I want to share a few reminders, encouragements and inspirations. I love sharing these on Instagram throughout the week and I hope you are uplifted by these photos and few words. 

I heard a song a few days ago and the lyrics made me smile. 

"Have you ever heard you are beautiful.
I know what you're worth, but you don't see it at all. 
After the rain has fallen down, the sun comes out. 
Just keep believing, you'll see a new season soon. You're turning into something amazing.
Baby, you were born to bloom...."

Tried on this dreamy (way too pricey for this girl's budget) Kate Spade dress. Le sigh. 
I may have screamed when I got my mail earlier this week and saw the first ever Quite Magazine Mini Mag! I am so thankful to be a contributing writer on the Quite Magazine team. If you want one in your mailbox each month too for FREE join here! Full print publication coming soon, visit the website for more details. And check out my Dating and Relationship articles here
Reminder I shared on Instagram on Valentine's Day.. and it holds true for every day.
And Valentine nails.
//photo credit: TMinspired Photography//

I leave you with this, sweet friends.
In whatever you walk through at the end of this week, and whatever paths you take and doors are opened (or closed) this weekend, remember this - in Christ, you are offered this - no guilt in life and no fear in death. What freedom and joy! 
Starting my weekend early. It was a top knot, tights, comfy sweater, sandals, no makeup and iced coffee with my mama kinda morning today. And I wish you a weekend of mornings like this, too. Mwah.
All my love and a hug,