The Most Meaningful Gift Ever.

Christmas is a mere 6 days away (six days, people) and I'll just be honest here and tell you that I am so far behind in being ready, it's not even funny. Like, I have 3 gifts total for people I love. But no fear! Tomorrow is the day I'm gonna get 'er done when it comes to shopping (big goals..) and I know it will all come together. But today, I have a little gift for you  - some of my sponsors are sharing the most meaningful gift they've ever received. 
For me, I've received so many sweet and special gifts over the years, the ultimate gift of course being my salvation - the reason we celebrate Christmas at all - the birth of Jesus Christ and the hope He brings. But I think the best gift ever was from my sister, and it wasn't even at Christmastime. She turned 5 and got a baby doll for her birthday that looked like a real baby, and she also got some birthday money. She so badly wanted me to have a baby doll too that she requested to go to Toys R Us and spend her birthday money to buy me a doll too! It was seriously the sweetest thing ever. We had so much fun playing with those babies, we brought them everywhere. She was so unselfish and sweet, at such a young age! And she is still that way :) (Sister love!!) 
Listen in as these gorgeous ladies share their most meaningful gift! Be sure to visit their blogs too (links below!) because they are lovely and wonderful in so many unique ways! 




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Love to you this week before Christmas.
And here's hoping you're further ahead in your prep than I am! ;)



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