The Girl Behind The Blog - Holiday Traditions

Happy almost-Christmas friends!! 

I'm so excited about December's Girl Behind The Blog, as we share our favorite holiday traditions! I shared some of mine below, so enjoy! Be warned, this is my first take, unedited - I was totally tired after Christmas shopping all day. Or rather, trying to Christmas shop. I got really overwhelmed at the mall this year for some reason. For instance, at one point this afternoon, I found myself aimlessly wandering through Macy's Christmas clearance section, mindlessly walking through aisles of Nutcracker statues and haphazardly falling down fake trees for a good ten minutes before I got it together and started looking for real gifts. So excuse my hot-mess-ness here (and my not knowing when movies first started being made ;) 
and... by the way, I am convinced that YouTube purposefully chooses the worst screen shot ever. Whatevs.) Enjoy!!

Girls, if you haven't linked up yet and made your video, you gotta do it!! Find the link below. It's such a fun way to share a vlog and get to know an amazing community of women bloggers! 

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

Love and hugs, friends. 

Happy Friday!