The Girl Behind The Blog // Your Influence

Today's the day, my friends!! It's The Girl Behind The Blog link-up, one of my favorite times of every month...because I get to see your beautiful faces and meet new bloggers! I'm so excited to be co-hosting this month with Ashley. She is such an amazing woman and I just love her so much!

 I know it can be a little intimidating to record a vlog & post if for the world to see, but the great thing about this link-up're not alone! We're all doing it & it's such a wonderful way to meet new friends & work on building this awesome community of women. I know that it can be a little awkward, YouTube chooses the worst thumbnails ever just to annoy us ;), and crazy things happen (like how I was uploading my vlog earlier & long story got deleted. Yeah. So this was, honestly, like take 15. Ahhh! ;) But it's so worth it because in the end, our community is stronger and we come away with getting to know other bloggers better! 

If you need to be reminded of the topic and questions, check out the prompt , make sure you follow both our blogs (we're the firs two videos!), and remember that you only have to link-up with one of the host's blogs because our links are interlinked.

 Have fun as we share our hearts on our influence!