Life isn't perfect. Is it, friend? 
But I am reminded ever more how many beautiful reasons we have to be happy. 
To be thankful.

Sweet readers, I had several thoughts to share with you this past weekend and a couple big posts I planned to write, but life has a way of changing our little well-made plans. Long story short, this weekend my home was threatened by a wildfire - everything is completely fine now. But it was a crazy, exhausting week and weekend for many reasons. And though I planned to share some deeper thoughts with you tonight, I simply don't have the energy. And so instead, I will be back tomorrow - fresh faced and inspired. And until then, I wanted to share this with you - On Wednesday of last week, I had the joy and privilege of modeling for a photoshoot with an amazing Southern California-based photographer, Taylor Marie. Check out her inspiring, beautiful website. She's actually going to be one of my sponsors for the next few months, and so I'll be introducing her to you soon and sharing some of the photos from our shoot. A little preview... 

Blessings on your week ahead, dear one. 
I'll be back for an exciting week - 
Girl Behind the Blog linkup and I promise to share Thankful Sweetness lists.

'Til then, 
look for the little things and thank God for them.
No matter how hard life is,
we really have so many beautiful reasons to be happy.




"Do not grieve.
For the joy of the Lord is your strength." 
-Nehemiah 8:10