some love from the guys.'s.June.1st. Um, wow. Thankfully, with the beginning of June comes the promise of Summahtime! And for that, who's not excited?! In other news, I've been so blessed and blown away by all the feedback I've gotten on the 50 Shades post. I have been encouraged to know that so many others stand right with me on the convictions I shared. I'm going to share more on this later, but if you are standing with me in being strong and radical for truth and believing God's way is best - then I want you to know you are not alone. More to come on that. Be encouraged.

 I thought that since it's been rather serious around here (needfully so) I'd share a little something to make you ladies laugh as your weekend approaches. My sweet friend Ashley  shared these with me and I laughed so hard...because, especially going to a Christian college, I have seriously heard guys say some of these!  Hope they make you smile. Happy Friday.

*all images via Hey Christian Girl

Sighh... if only the Ryan Goslings and Jude Laws of this world loved Jesus. I know some of you have already found yours, though and you've told me they are even better. Girls who are still waiting - don't worry, our Godly "Ryans" are out there somewhere! :)

Happy Friday to you and you and you. Be blessed! Xo.

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