a speed date.....

...but not in the way you'd think. Today, I'm excited to link up with my friend Nicole from This Little Momma for the Speed Date link-up!

 The purpose of this "speed date" is to share with you sweet readers a little bit more about me - things that haven't come up in my posts, parts of my story you haven't heard. And also to share some lil random things you may now know about me!

Soooo... let the speed date begin -

I was born in the same Southern California town where I later attended college. Didn't go far at all!

At 7 years old, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and have known ever since that my eternity is secure in Heaven with Him.

I grew up as a Pastor's Kid. Although I wasn't your stereotypical "rebellious" one. I kinda loved it.

Singing and music has been the theme of my life. I began leading worship in big church at the age of 13 and didn't stop til my early twenties.

When my parents saw I was ready to be baptized as a pre-teen, I firmly said, "No. I want to be baptized for the first time in the Jordan River in Israel...where Jesus was baptized." Of course, that seemed like a total impossibility, but my parents encouraged me to dream big and pray about it. 3 years later, the Lord miraculously provided a way for my family to visit Israel and sure enough, I was baptized in the Jordan River. It was a very special dream come true!

I purposefully didn't date at all in Jr. High or High School....I didn't start dating until college. Yep, I was part of the "Kissed Dating Goodbye" generation. And I don't regret that for a moment - I was able to focus on God, school, music and worship ministry, and growing up.

I've never broken a bone or had a cavity.

As a little girl, we lived in a tiny house with a tiny yard in a dangerous part of town. I dreamed of living on land, being able to play outside, and being a country girl. So even though it seemed totally impossible, my mom encouraged me to make a list of all the things I wanted in a home and pray about it. I did and went crazy with dreams - it included: a place with a pool, horses, a place to run and play, a treehouse...and other things that sounded fun and exciting to a 10 year old. A year later, my dad was asked to lead a ministry school on a 350-acre horse ranch. The Lord answered ALL the requests on my list...times 5. We were able to run and play on the beautiful Ranch complete with horses, goats, chickens, peacocks, a huge barn, an old-fashioned swimming hole, and a tree-house to boot. The Lord answered every prayer and then some. The experience was a huge faith-builder for me as a little girl who loved Jesus.

I applied to only one college that had the major I dreamed of and planned for - Home Economics. Yep, you read that right. (A very difficult, scientific form of the "Home Ec" from the grade school apron-sewing that you're thinkin' of though haha!) I learned everything from childhood nutrition to how to sew garments to how to run a home business to how to practice hospitality to the science behind food and food chemistry. Mostly, I loved that almost half our class time was spent studying the Bible in how it relates to women. And though I must admit, this major was not the most "marketable" in the job world at times, I don't regret it for a minute - because I believe the Lord prepared me much for my dreams of ministering to women and being a wife and momma (someday!) through this major. Even though it was different and really hard at times, I'm so glad I did it.

I have never dyed my hair.

One of my absolute favorite things in life is going sailing. My dad has his sailing license and our family just loves the sea breeze and sailing off the coast of California. It's very expensive, so being a ministry-fam we didn't do it much, but it's one of my ultimate favorite things I hope to do more in the future.

I met Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps when I was 15. Long story there!

I love going shopping alone. One of my favorite things is getting a Starbucks latte and just walking around the mall or Target by myself, even if I don't buy anything. It's like my therapy!

I have about 40 full journals. I began journaling daily from age 11 or 12 until now. I love reading my life story in these journals, reading prayers that have been answered in ways I didn't expect, and seeing God's hand guiding me through it all.

I'm a homebody. I love just being at home, playing games with the family, reading, baking, drinking hot chocolate or tea.

One of my favorite family traditions is my grandma's birthday in July. We go out and then we always stop by the house used in the movie "Father of the Bride" just to take a picture and say hi. Love that house. And love that movie.

Well, my dears - that's just a handful of things about me that you may not have known!

Outfit Stats:
Earrings: Forever 21
Dress: Angl (Boutique in LA)
Shoes: Target

Praying you all have a lovely rest of your week! I'll be back soon with some thoughts on my heart about my 50 Shades post.