On a Cooler day in November....

...Little Erin came into the world.

Happy Birthday Erin!!! =)

So today is a special day for dear Erin. I have claimed access to her blog today in order to wish her a special happy birthday! 

Erin with her sister. So adorable!

 This girl is an absolute gem! You couldn’t find a better friend, sister or kindred spirit. I praise God so often that he allowed us to meet and enjoy a sweet friendship. She has been such a source of encouragement, inspiration, laughter & genuine friendship for many years now. 

Erin & Me during the most amazing summer 2009.
 I truly appreciate her so much. I am so proud of the way she allows the Lord to use her life to bring Him glory and this blog just speaks of the things so dear to her heart. What a blessing to us all! 

Have a sweet wonderful joy-filled birthday gorgeous girl!
Thanking the Lord for you today.
Much Love,
Erin Morris4 Comments