My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

1. Uggs: A good deal if you want brand new Uggs - don't you love the side detailing on these? 

2. Donna Karan Deodorant: This is one of my top 5 must-have beauty/skincare products. It smells like heaven and is the best protection I've ever used as far as deodorant. Very worth the price, in my opinion, and this is a good package deal.

3. Fringe Scarf: You can't go wrong with a Madewell (or J.Crew) scarf for fall! I've worn their scarves for years (they are classic), over and over again with different looks. This is the time to snatch one up if you want to get a deal! The shades of blue, red, and cream in this one are dreamy! 

4. High Waist Leggings: I've yet to own or try a pair of these on, I've been eyeing them for a while and they seem like the perfect investment pair of leggings that probably fit like a glove and make going to the gym that much more inviting. 

5. Pajamas: These have been on my wish-list for about a year now and are currently sitting in my shopping cart. They're just so soft!

6. Tee:   I'm always wearing basic tees around the house and around town, running errands with Weston (#momlife) and lately I've gotten some questions about quality ones. What a great price! 

7. Black Jeans:  I bought a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans in college and wore them for a good 8 years. They fit like a charm (in my experience, size down.) If you're going to invest in a brand new pair, today is the day. (And black skinnies are perfect for fall and winter!) 

8. Robe: I've heard rave reviews from so many friends and fellow blog sistahs about these robes and blankets! And if you're going to invest in one, this is the time to do it. Next time (someday!) I am pregnant and postpartum, this brand is on my must-have list :) 

9. NeuLash:  After reading a thousand reviews and doing a ton of research, I took the plunge a few months ago and bought NeuLash. I was a little hesitant because I actually have the lightest, blondest, thinnest eyelashes (and brows) of all time! But I wanted to use this "window" of time where I am not pregnant and not nursing, to try it out and see what the hype was about. And I can honestly report that after consistent use for about a month, I noticed a huge change, and people close to me have commented on how much thicker my lashes are! Combined with some major layering of the right mascara, I'll never have to wear fake lashes again for events where I want that extra drama. It's been so fun to be a gal with luscious lashes -- for the first time ever! I'm glad I made the investment and truly recommend it to you ladies.

10. Cashmere Sweater:  This pink cashmere number is on my dream-list! 


The next items are organized into categories and are those "dream items" you hear about, research, write on a list that sits on your iPhone notes for years, save your pennies for, and then buy! Some are investments, some you'll keep in your closet for years, some are splurges. Hopefully finding them on a majorly good deal. The following items are all on my "lists" - some I have, some I haven't tried but would love to! 

Some other favorite items you might love!