Friday's Fab List

If we were having a coffee date, I'd probably spill all about these fun, random, current favorite things!

1. Favorite Summer Nail Polish 

"Cajun Shrimp" by OPI is - to me - the ultimate summer shade! I have it on now -- it's cheery, bright, and not-too-red and not-too-orange. I love soaking up summertime while we have it and this polish just makes it all even more fun! 

2. This Song

When I was fifteen years old, I attended to "Women of Faith" conference with some gals from our church. For some reason (I can't remember why!) Mom and my sis were not able to come, so I went with some dear friends. The conference was set in the heart of Orange County in summertime -- near Disneyland; that hot, dry heat permeating the air. We snacked on chips and salsa and I remember feeling very self-conscious without Mom there. But safe, with our friends. But independent, for the first time. I will never forget eating Mexican food with all the ladies and then filing into the Anaheim Convention Center with thousands of women, hungry for Him. Some of the older ladies who spoke were wise and wonderful, I knew that. But at fifteen, with crushes fresh on my heart and lots of new ideas, thoughts, and feelings, I was struck by the main musician: Nichole Nordeman. She was blonde, pretty, honest, real, forthright, oh so cool, and a brand new mama. She caught my attention as she played her new songs, "Legacy" and "I Am." I sat in the bleachers and wept as she sang her heart out. I'd never once in my life been moved by art, music, a sermon, a book, or worship at church. But that day? Something in me broke. Something in me became tender. Something in me "felt." I didn't even know why. Or what. Her honest words and heart opened up my eyes and heart to something new and I will always remember that day and those songs. It brought me closer to Jesus in a tender way that has grown ever since. (Just shows the power of vulnerability.) 

She just released this song, "The Sound Of Survival." It's perfect for my healing in this season. (Also, if you're a new mom or just a sentimental lady in general, listen to her other new hit, "Slow Down." #allthetears 

Give it a listen. 

3. Nordstrom Sale

I'm not your typical fashion blogger. But if you follow some fashion bloggers (and there are so many good ones!), you know that yesterday, it was all. about. Nordstrom's. sale. Which is great! It's a good sale! It just open right now for early access to credit card holders and will open officially for the public on July 21. I'll post my favorite picks then if you are interested! (I'm just not going to encourage ya'll to run out and get a credit card for shopping (we do have credit cards we steward carefully and it is not a bad thing, in my opinion! They can be such a blessing and used for such good and investments. But I personally have abused them in the past as a single gal, for shopping, and it's led me down some negative paths.... so I am hesitant to post about the pre-sale, encouraging credit cards for buying clothes....  as I hold you, my sweet readers, carefully in my hand and want to be super careful to encourage you in ways that make you not feel like you need more, more more..... (as sometimes, the Internet - honestly - makes me feel) but I want to inspire you to know you *have* oh so much and *are* so much and that things like shopping, fashion, clothes, and investments are fun, can be joyful, and enrich your life! But they are not necessary and you don't *need* more to be happy. I just don't want to be all about that.

Anyway, that's why I didn't post today like many sweet fashion bloggers did. But I will share in the upcoming days some of my favorite deals... 'cause we all know I love a good deal and hardly buy anything full price! #aintnobodygottimeforthat

4. Favorite Maxi Skirt

Ever a favorite. It's just so happy! Here are two similar ones (this specific one I wore was from a small store in my So Cal town and no longer available online, sorry!) But these two I found are very close: 

5. Two Articles I Read That I Loved

This one


This one

two mama-related articles that I resonated with, for one reason or another. 

6. Makes My Cry

This video is not brand new. But, man, it got me. 

Lisa Harper is a writer I've looked up to and read for years. A few weeks ago, she was in California and posted Daniel playing viola on the Santa Monica Pier. I was so excited #fangirl

She and her darling daughter were sweet as pie to him, and joy itself. Bubbling up, dancing, laughing, just pure JOY, Daniel told me! And kindness! 

What a testimony of our God's heart. Makes me want to adopt someday. That's the Gospel, you guys. Right there.


What are you loving this week? 

Thank you for reading, sisters! I am always thankful.

I'm hosting and helping throw my amazing grandma's 80th birthday party this weekend -- can't wait!