At Long Last Book: LAST COPIES of the 1st Edition Going Fast!

PSA! πŸ’ My book, #AtLongLastBook -- our life and love story -- is about to get a new cover, new edits, and will now be available in it's 2nd edition - in print through Amazon! This means that I have a handful of this first edition left, so if you want one of the last few original copies with this cover, then click on over to & get one in your hot little hands -- I will write a personal note to you, too!

Back in December 2015, when I self-published & released my book, I had no idea how much support & love it would receive from you, my precious readers. Thank you so much for cheering on a sister chasing her dreams. At the time, I ordered a bunch of big boxes full of books. I was terrified. It was a huge investment. A big risk. I remember standing there, looking at all of them under my Christmas tree... boxes taking half of our tiny seaside studio apartment. πŸ˜¨I had some pre-orders, but, would people actually buy all of these? I prayed, hoped. And then the orders came in, and the tears came pouring down. It's a pretty overwhelming thing to know real people chose to spend their real, hard earned money and real, precious time reading your hands-open, vulnerable story and words. It blew me away. To be down to the very last few books is thrilling & humbling. Shipping each & every book out with my own two hands (& my devotedly kind hubby) was a huge undertaking, & one that's become too big now that I have a baby crawling around πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ˜‰ So, say farewell to the first edition & cover by getting yours, & come next week, you'll be introduced to the second edition & brand new cover. Putting yourself "out there" & chasing looming, scary, close to your heart dreams is *hard.* It's sleepless nights, anxious meltdowns, thousands of emails, lots of packing tape, saving money, putting a big chunk out with the possibility of a big flunk, writing notes in book covers 'til your hand is a claw, wondering if you're crazy, & lots of frustrated tears at the Post Office. But, it's oh so worth it. πŸ’˜ Get your limited edition copy just in time for a Valentine's (or Galentine's) gift - for yourself or your bestie!

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