Valentine Favorites

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Right behind Christmas, Valentine's Day is my faaaavorite holiday ever! And not just because it's all about love. But because, uhhh, PINK! (And if you know me, you just said, #duh haha :) 

An excuse to wear/buy/enjoy all things pink? Sign this girl up! 

So, just for fun, I've rounded up some of my very favorite Valentine things for you -- whether you plan to spend the evening out on a fancy dress-up date with your man, heading out on the town all dolled-up with your best girlfriends , or cuddling on the couch in your favorite robe or tee, hot chocolate and enjoying a book or your snuggly baby! Daniel is working this year (#musicianlife ;) so we are planning to celebrate another day (which is nice because we'll beat crowds!) I may go with him to work or stay home and cuddle my little guy! 

PS -- If you check out any of these things, puhleassseee check out #6. Girl. I've used this body wash since I was 15 and it is hands-down the best-smelling thing that you'll ever put on your skin. It's hydrating and just delicious -- and doubles as a shampoo! Also -- #10, that gorgeous dress, comes not only in that lovely pale pink, but also a delicious RED. So, have fun deciding which to wear... cause, I want both! ;)