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Like every new mom, I'm constantly checking on Weston. Since day one, I've checked him breathing as he sleeps -- making sure he is perfectly fine! I remember when I was younger, my mom told me that once you're a mom, you're never fully asleep. You always sleep "with one eye open" ready to jump at the slightest sound from your littles, always tip-toeing into their nurseries and rooms to make sure they're okay.

I remember a sweet quote from the show "Little House on the Prairie" - my favorite as a little girl - when Laura said, "If she hears the least littlest noise in the night, Ma will come climbing up the ladder, to make sure we're alright. Her face is the last thing I see before I got to sleep and the first thing I want to see in the morning." Mamas. They're there, watching, listening, checking that your belly moves up and down, up and down. Every nap, every night. For me, it's been a source of some anxiety, something I've had to take the God and surrender. He is able to take care of and is watching my baby, even when I can't. Every single second of every single day. 

And in all the checking, trusting, and watching, it's comforting to follow safety measures (like Back to Sleep, etc) and using your very important mama's intuition (it's so real!) and to have little helpful tools that can make sure Baby is perfectly fine! One of my favorites is The Owlet. It's a Smart Sock -- tracking Baby's heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. Using clinically proven technology, the Owlet uses pulse oximetry to measure levels and is designed to notify you through a base station, connected with an app on your smart phone, if heart rate or oxygen are outside the preset zone.

I love that the Owlet uses a Smart Sock (that is hypoallergenic, wireless and does not use any adhesives), that comes in different sizes to fit your little one, and easily slips onto his or her foot. Honestly, I have never used our Owlet all night long, but it is so nice to have the option and so helpful to be able to check levels while baby is napping or during sickness -- especially respiratory illnesses that little one's catch in the winter! There have been times that Weston was so congested, it's so nice to have those "okay" numbers or to know if you need to head to the doctor. If you're a new mama or mom to be, check out The Owlet -- it works so well! 

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