TREASURED: a new eBook!

Hi sweet friends!

Guess what?! I wrote an eBook and it's available today! Get yours HERE!

"TREASURED: Remembering Who You Are Because of Who He Is" 

In this 50-page eBook, "Treasured" discusses six ways we as women are treasured by God: precious, cherished, free, safe, whole, and loved. An easy-read mix of creative design and art, words, quotes, stories, question prompts, and scripture, "Treasured" is like a coffee date between best girlfriends -- an honest, heart to heart, real conversation that is meant to refresh your soul, encourage your mind, and remind your heart of your priceless worth. "Treasured" looks to Jesus as the reason we are worth more than gold, not because of what we do or don't do.

He calls me precious because I am His daughter.

He calls me cherished because He cares for me.

He calls me free because of His blood.

He calls me safe because He protects me.

He calls me whole because He is gracious.

He calls me loved because I am His

* This is an eBook, not a physical copy of a book -- it is a digital download that will be emailed to you once purchased. It can be viewed on your computer, downloaded to your devices such as iPhone and iPad -- works especially well with iBooks software.

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