Christmas Gift Guide: For Your Bestie

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Sometimes it's hard knowing what to give the people we love on Christmas! Balancing what fits in your budget with your long list of names plus trying to think of thoughtful, wonderful gifts is no joke during the holiday season! So I thought I'd jump in and help a sister out! Finding the perfect gift for your bestie. Here are my suggestions -- just click on the numbers below and you can get your shopping done in just a few clicks. Phew, way easier than racing around the mall with a latte in hand and a mile-long list on Christmas Even, amiright? :) 

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1. Pretty Gold Coffee MugsWho doesn't love a sufficiently sturdy (to keep that morning coffee hot) yet dainty, pretty mug? This is the perfect little gift for your coffee-loving bestie. I've given this very gift as birthday, Christmas, and just-because presents to friends before and I've also been given these sweet Anthro mugs as a gift, and it's always a hit! 

2. The Yummiest-Smelling Body WashMy grandma has given me, my sister, and Mom these Philosophy body washes for Christmas and we always adore them! They smell just like the "real thing." The Cinnamon Bun scent will satisfy your bestie's sweet tooth without any calories. #score

3. Encouraging and Beautiful Music: For King and Country is one of my favorite bands and this album is fab. They specifically sing about women's worth, which I just love, so this album is especially encouraging for us gals.

4. An Inspiring BookIf I do say so myself ;) haha! I hope and pray that my book will inspire your bestie to wait for God's best and know how loved she is by Him. 

5. Reminders Of Truth: I love this book. I'm currently in the middle of reading it now, and it's brought fresh truth every time I pick it up. Paired perfectly with a candle or body wash, this would be a great gift for your girls (of any ages) -- it's a huge encouragement! 

6. Some Fancy PerfumeWhat gal would't want some expensive perfume that smells amazing? This one is similar to my wedding perfume, and one of my personal favorites. (I always admire the bottle's design -- bow on the lid -- when I pass it on my vanity :) 

7. The Best Luxurious Hand LotionDaniel bought me a set of these last Christmas and I still have one of the little bottles left! It's that quality and lasts that long. I carry it around in my purse daily and always take it with my on airplanes when I travel! The lavender scent is my favorite. 

8. A Special, Meaningful Bracelet: With phrases like "Enjoy the journey", "Fearless", "Soul Sisters" and "Be True, Be You, Be Kind" inscribed on them, these pretty little bracelets are perfect for your bestie to add to her arm party. She'll be uplifted every time she looks down! 

9. The Coziest ScarfJ.Crew scarves are my fav. They're soft and classic. They last forever and don't really ever go out of style! I love the ones I have, and if your friend lives in a cooler climate (AKA not LA like me haha) she will appreciate this! 

10. Bright Lipstick That Tastes Like SugarThese lipsticks are more like a mix between Chapstick and lipstick. Not too bright, they're understated and very moisturizing. I seriously love them! Partly because: they taste (and smell) just like sugar. (And I'm a sugar addict, sooooo...) 

11. A Planner For 2017: Get your bestie ahead of the game when New Year's comes along in a  few weeks (ahhh can you believe that?) This planner is artistic and beautiful, as well as functional. 

12. A "Gilmore Girls" Themed TopI saw this and oohed and ahhhed. Am I the only one who's daily watching the new Netflix Gilmore Girls trailer? If your bestie loves the show as much as I do, she'll adore this sweater! 

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