Erin's Weekly Favorites

Some of my favorites this week: 

I'm OBSESSED with this body wash. I use it daily, it lasts forever, and is totally organic.

And my new hubby's favorite is this one.

I absolutely love this encouraging website for Christian gals. Free daily devotionals! 

45 life lessons from a 90 year old woman. 

One of my favorite face washes that always makes my skin feel so silky. 

My favorite new lip crayon. (and it's under $3!)

I read this lovely book in high school and it changed who I became! 

My favorite autumn piece for the last few years. 

The perfect mid-summer dress. 

I've been using this treatment on my hair lately and love it. 

This is the nail color I'm wearing in my friend's wedding this weekend! 

What a sweet and powerful reminder to carry around on your phone.

My wedding foundation. Crazy about it! 

This lip color is like candy!

What a dreamy night shirt. 

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend, sweet friends :)