Erin's Weekly Favorites

I wish we could have a coffee date and talk all about the things we love lately. Since we cannot, pour yourself a cup and check out some of my favorite things lately: 

I can imagine eating pink macarons off this gorgeous Anthro Eiffel Tower plate

The best bronzing shimmer lotion I've tried! 

What a perfectly designed throw pillow looks like. 

I absolutely LOVE the smell of this lip gloss. It's my #1 favorite.

These shoes are what I would imagine a real, modern-day Cinderella to wear. 

13 things we didn't know about "Gilmore Girls." (one of my all-time favorite shows EVER.) 

When I get married, I am definitely making these homemade Pop Tarts, like every week. 

What a serving size of fruit really looks like (and other diagrams to help you eat healthier.) 

I want this Anthropologie candle just for the pretty watercolor tin.

This scene has always made me laugh. 

Oh, this necklace is perfect for my honeymoon. 

THIS is the kinda love you wait for. I sobbed through the entire video. 

Find Pottery Barn-identical items for way cheaper. 

Can someone please buy me this epic tea cup

This quote makes me wanna stand up and clap.  

I want a huge walk-in closet just to hang this art all over it.