Beauty + Tea

Beautiful readers! 

Erin James here, the MIA blogger of this little space on the Internet. And I am so sorry I haven't been posting very regularly. Life has been a wonderful whirlwind of dreams come true, busyness, work... and mostly, getting engaged to the sweet love of my life, Daniel. We are currently on the East Coast for work and visiting his family! And yet, I miss this space and community oh so much. Lately, dear readers and friends have asked me "Are you going to be ending your blog once you get married?!" And the answer is, no! In fact, I am only expanding it and sharing more of my life and story now that I am moving down the path of marriage. And my man and I have some exciting dreams we are chasing that we would love to give you a peek into soon. So, dear reader, I'm still here. And will be back next week regularly again (all while getting Graceful Magazine up and running, and of course - wedding planning! ;) 

For a happy Friday favorite, I would love to share something I just discovered and truly ADORE. My Beauty Tea

It is not secret that I am tea-obsessed. I drink it daily - in the summer, winter, spring and autumn. If it's hot, I drink it iced. And when it's chilly, there's nothing like a steamy cup of tea with honey to warm you up! Tea has so many health benefits, as well. (See my Pinterest board all about tea) Antioxidants  and healing properties (read about herbal tea health benefits here) I've tried just about every tea and every brand name. And have (honestly) never really found a favorite. Until recently. The wonderful company, My Beauty Tea, sent me some delicious tea to try and I literally fell in love! Honestly, it's the one of the best teas I've tried - so fresh, flavorful, and delicious. 

On the first autumn-feeling day (we have few in Southern California) I boiled some water and filled a cup, dunking My Beauty Tea's fabulous Sugar Chai. So luscious!

My Beauty Tea is a wonderful online business that specializes in loose leaf teas. And it is run by a 20 year old entrepreneur, Stephanie (I love seeing and supporting young women who pursue dreams and business!) My Beauty Tea has so many great qualities: they're naturally sugar free, almost calorie/carbohydrate free, and use natural ingredients like flowers and fruits! Tea is so good for our health and our skin - it can help you stay hydrated all day! 

My Beauty Tea is high quality and tasty. I want to order all the fun flavors! "Get Comfy," "Red Blush," "Creamy Lemon," and (the one I want to try most ---->) "Mermaid Blend!" 

Gals, go get yourself some - you will love it! Tea lovers or not ;)

I'm writing our engagement story and sharing the lovely photos soon.

l o v e 
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