COWBOY + ME | a love story

T H R E E | D A Y S + us = reunited. ///// this picture? Our first-ever taken together. He arrived in Los Angeles one Tuesday night in February. We spent Wednesday in Malibu. It wasn't awkward, but as just-met strangers, it was new. I was so excitedly nervous, I forgot to pack a beach blanket. So we stopped at Wal Mart + all we could find? A Duck Dynasty beach towel. We sat on Uncle Si + let the sea air blow our hair as we talked. I took him up to the cliffs to see the gorgeous view. He held onto my hand to help me up the steep, sandy parts. *Butterflies!* We got to the top and looked over the vast Pacific Ocean: so blue, so big, so dreamy. He picked a yellow flower and put it in my hair [major swoon.] I'll never forget how a Nike-wearing young woman hiker stopped us right at the edge of the cliff and said, 'Want me to take your picture? I KNOOOOW how important these moments are.' She snapped this one. I thought, 'You have no idea.'