I recently re-read one of my favorite thoughts [on one of my favorite blogs] + thought I would share it with you. 

[Written by Casey Wiegand, see her blog here]

"I have this analogy....there is a woman leaving the hospital in her car, she has experienced a death in the family + she is driving home in a fog....a disarray. Driving slow. Out of sorts. And a woman in another car angrily swerves around her, throws up her middle finger, shouts something, honks + speeds past. The woman leaving the hospital barely can see through the tears, in almost a slow motion turns her head + connects eye contact for a moment with this hostile, angry person. There is a moment where their eyes meet + the woman who has, just moments earlier, lost so very much, is looking at this person, thinking 'If you only knew. If you only knew...would you treat me this way? Would you extend me grace + mercy? Would you try harder to understand why I might be doing the things that I am doing?' Isn't that an interesting way to view social media + blogging as well? Like...it's so easy to look at the snippet someone shares on Instagram or a blog and assume we know everything? What if there was more to each story? Way more happening behind the scenes. Reasons for decisions. Explanations for actions..... All these inspiring people, chasing their hopes for this one life. I want to celebrate you. Your victories." [casey leigh wiegand]
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