P.S. He Loves You | the devotional

Darling friends!
If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen my announcement a few days ago about a little downloadable, eBook style devotional I'm releasing very soon called P.S. He Loves You. 
It's really less of a devotional and more of a collection of random letters from me to you all about how He loves us. My heart behind it is to remind my sisters of oh how much Jesus loves you and how your identity and life can be centered around Him. 

Keep your eyes open for more info, loves! I am wrapping editing up and design and it will be available soon. I so hope it will be a blessing and encouragement to some sisters who need a reminder of how precious, longed for, loved, and wanted you are. 

Until I share more, I'll be here if you need me - at my little pink desk, writing my heart out. 
If you have a heart to share the devotional or review it on your blog, email me :) erinjames@hotmail.com

LOVE to you and you and you.