thankful thursday

Hi dear friends!

So happy you're here to join me and the wonderful Amy for our November link-up, Thankful Thursday. Let's share some of the things we're thankful for! Link up below, and make sure to follow our blogs and grab the button :)
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As I've prayed for and watched with an aching heart the devastation in the Philippines, I've become even more grateful for what I have. Not even the big things. But little things we take for granted. Like water. Food. A bed. Which, we don't usually list on our thankful lists, but they're actually the big things, after all.

I'm thankful tonight for simple things, that are actually huge blessings. 

one // clean water to drink.
two // shoes to wear.
three // creativity & inspiration.
four // my sweet sister.
five // wintery candles to burn.

What are you thankful for?