Jerseys N' Heels

Okay you guys, so one of the major highlights of going to Indianapolis for Influence Conference last week was getting to meet two fabulous women who have such amazing hearts - Haley & Kerri! As you all know, I am a football-loving girl. I just love the game and everything about football (from dressing up in team colors and cheering on your guys to tailgating - something So Cal people don't do much, to just the passion and excitement of football - it's unlike any other sport really!) My friend Haley has a FABULOUS show called Jerseys N' Heels - y'all have to check it out! She is just so cute and fun, and she is passionate about teaching women all about the game! I love this, because as I am kind of a self-taught football fan (having no brothers & a kind of not sports-loving fam ;) - she wants to make sure no girl feels left out on game day!! 
On a break from the conference, we girls got a really exciting opportunity to visit the Indianapolis Colts Complex!! It was so amazing. Haley covers "audibles" and “ineligible receivers." The team just took off to play the Jacksonville Jaguars, so we got to film in the locker room, practice fields, etc!  It's a VIP Jerseys N' Heels exclusive - so check it out below! 

But first, a few of my favorite highlights. 
Filmed at the indoor practice field.... 

Hanging out in the weight room.... (I seriously could not even lift that weight a little bit!) 

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Love to you all!