Meet & Greet.

The Influence Conference is just around the corner. In about 2 weeks, I will be hopping on a plane at LAX and flying to Indianapolis to meet up with my bestest internet sisters. I am SO excited. I wish you all, my dear readers, could be there too. I am eagerly anticipating meeting you who are coming. I'm praying so much for the conference - that God will move. And I will surely share with you all on this little space everything the Lord does (and lots of pictures!) I just can't wait to meet you ladies. 

2 Things I'm Excited About

- Real coffee dates and chats and hugs with blog besties. I always say I wish we could all meet for a coffee date. And Influence Conference is an opportunity for blog sisters to do just that. Influence is kinda like a big, long coffee date (doesn't hurt that our fab hotel has a Starbucks in the lobby - score!) 

- Loving on the ladies who will be there. I can't wait to connect, talk, have heart to hearts, real life conversations, and hopefully - as a community leader - try and make anyone who feels alone, afraid or a little nervous totally welcome and comfortable!

2 Things I Will Have Packed in My Bag 


Okay so that's more than 2 things. It's more like 8. (Clearly, I tend to way over-pack)

Influence girls - I can't wait to hug you (if you're cool with that. I'm a total hugger :)
Sooooo anticipating and praying over this conference. Cannot wait to learn, grow, and build real friendships. And just a heads up, if it's anything like last year - I will most likely be doing the ugly cry more than once. It is all so amazing and good. 

Also - 

If you're a single gal, my sweet friend Annie & I want to invite you to dinner!

unashamedly stole the following from Annie's blog - 

"When: The Friday of Influence
Where: We haven't decided yet. The combinations of California laidback and Michigan last-minute will do that to you ;]
But why?

Well, one, because the single ladies dinner is as traditional as influence itself. Chelsea and I hosted the inaugural dinner at the cheesecake factory at last year's influence conference and I am thrilled to be doing it again with Erin in just a few weeks.

But more than that, Erin and I both have a deep passion for those of us who are single learning to live in the truth of our value and not the lies of the world. Erin is going to be teaching a workshop on singleness at Influence, and we thought this would be a great way for us single girls to get to know each other ahead of time.

We're not doing this to single ourselves out, the way so many church ministries do painfully.

We're doing this because I believe we are uniquely gifted to bear Christ to the world, to serve and love like Him in a way that others, for whatever reason, aren't able to." 

Let us know, single ladies, if you are able to join and we will make reservations! 

Love you all.


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