living in grace

Happy Monday, dear friends! 

I am so crazy excited that Influence Conference is finally here this week. Just so looking forward to meeting some of you in person (eeep!) and seeing what the Lord does with the beautiful group of women meeting up in Indiana on Thursday. So exciting. Can I ask for prayer as I travel, serve as a community leader, and lead a workshop on Friday evening for the single ladies? Thank you friend. I will be updating you throughout the trip so make sure we're connected on Instagram & Twitter! (And I may even film a video for you while there!) 

As I look over my workshop for Influence, praying over it and reading through the outline, it makes me cry/be so super encouraged and inspired. Oh how He loves us :)

I just feel led to leave you with this for the week ahead: 

whoever you are.
whatever you've done.

Jesus calls you "beloved"
and He loves you more than you could ever imagine.
Walk in that this week.
And live in His grace.

Love ya.