make you feel His love

As this weekend unfolds, I pray you know the love of Jesus. 
I hope you see it.
Because, even when you think He is not there, He is.

His love is. 
Listen for Him. 
He speaks. 
Through little things. And big. Unexpected and tangible.
In the sunsets.
In the little flowers by the road.
In your favorite song.

He loves you, He loves you, He loves you.

Sharing a little view into my life lately... and some of His whispers of love to me.
Listen for them, friend. 
His words and love are, after all - sweetness itself.

/// sipping coffee with my sister and our dear sister friend in her new seaside home.
/// sweet flowers at my grandma's 
/// beach roadtrip with sister 

/// not gonna lie, they totally  made my cry. So classy and cute.
/// and then I just had to be all British and sip tea from a Cath Kidston cup. Typical.
///my workout
/// beach lunch

.... and I'm off to work more on my eBook. It's coming soon, y'all!