the bbq stain song

Summer is SO here (it's seriously like 150 degrees in California right now - which, for the record, I love :)  and with it we have some fun summer music. Everybody's got a favorite summertime song - a song that, when you hear it, you know it's summer. Just for fun, I asked 3 of my sweet friends (and FAB sidebar sponsor sisters) to share with us their favorite summer song! 
Mine? It's not officially summer until I hear Tim McGraw's BBQ Stain song. 
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"My favorite song that embodies summer is Long Hot Summer by Keith Urban. 
That song gets me dancin' and groovin' every single time it comes on the radio!"
Girl, I'm right there with ya - we all know Keith's my all time fav! - Erin

I happen to love "Summer Nights" from Grease during my summer picnics and pool time :)

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"'Summertime' by Kenny Chesney..I like it so much that I sometimes I blare it in the middle of winter just to put myself i a good mood."

Summertime by Kenny Chesney on Grooveshark

Now, friend - 

What's YOUR favorite summer song?? We'd love to hear. Share below in the comments!