the beauty of faithfulness.

      77 years ago today - an early summer Friday, my great grandparents were married. They were really just kids, and so in love. Paul and Pauline. Their names even matched. They committed their lives to one another and kept their vows through all the years they were married: 59 years of faithfulness, until the day my great grandpa passed away.
       Today, they're in Heaven. I have few words today, but I just want to commemorate their faithfulness, honor their marriage and lives, and thank them for the example they set for me. I am waiting for this kind of love and I am inspired by their faithfulness to one another and God - through thick and thin. 

    They kept their vows. They remained true to their promises. And that is a beautiful thing. Something they taught me begins even before marriage. I will always remember sitting by my great-grandma's rocker one November day. I was 13, and just recently chose to commit my love story to God. I slipped on my True Love Waits purity ring and made the commitment to save sex for marriage. I remember she took my hand, looking at the ring and she smiled and said, "You know, I didn't have a ring, but we had the same commitment." 

    Their marriage made an impact on me and I am so thankful for their example. Faithfulness in romance is so beautiful and so mocked in our culture. And I believe we need to often remind ourselves of it's value. 

  Soon, I'm going to share with you all a special project I'm working on to encourage and honor faithfulness in romance. Until then, I hope you're inspired as I am by this little love story. 

   Happy Anniversary, Gomie and Gompie (this was our pet name for them :) 

 Us on my 1st b-day! 

    Didn't mean for this post to become a family album, haha! But I hope you are encouraged to pursue faithfulness in your relationships. It matters so much. 

Love to you and you and you.