it's a brutiful life.

Happy Monday, beautiful friends. 

My prayer for you who read today is that you will be full of new hope, sweet peace, amazing grace.

One of my favorite quotes at the moment is, "Life is beautiful. And life is brutal. It's brutiful" as one of my favorite writers, Glennon Melton always says. I shared this in my vlog Friday, lately my life can be so well summed up by this sentiment, and I'm sure you understand. But God truly does bless the broken road, and there are so many sunshiney moments among the dark ones. Sharing a few of mine today. May we be reminded, dear readers, to look for the good. And if we do, we will find it.

yes, i realize this version of the song is from the Hannah Montana movie. it was the only acoustic version i could find. don't judge. ;) 

A few inspirations, encouragements and little snapshots from my life these past few weeks...

{Malibu Beach Day} 
{Sister's Birthday Celebration}
{Headed to see Keith Urban perform at American Idol! Can you tell I'm excited?
Also, why do I look like a muppet in this picture?!
{Jam Session with my dear friend Rachel}
{This pup is missing his brother...But we're gonna be OK} 

You are loved.
And He has a plan for your brutiful life.
Know that :)