look for the good (& thankful sweetness)

Wow, has it been a crazy week or what? With the world all heartbreaking and scary around us, I am reminded to look for the good. To search out the sweet blessings in our lives, and to thank God for them every day - as small as they may be. 

I have few words today, so pictures will speak for me. Sharing a few things I am thankful for (most photos from my Instagram feed) and after, sharing some precious #ThankfulSweetness posts from my amazing friends and readers. 

Sweet things I'm thankful for....

{A pedicure and catching up on Royal news} 

{Constantly working on and writing my eBook} 
{3 Generations on Mother's Day} 

 {Spending time with my dear college roommate, Heather who visited from Florida} 
 {Sunday hot mess hair, saved thanks to Suave dry shampoo} 

And your thankful hearts sharing... (click on photo to see larger image) 

Remember, if you look for the good - you will find it. 

Prayers & much love to you from me for your weekend.