it turns out great.

A few days ago, I felt led to share a confession on Instagram... Honestly, I was a little scared to press "publish" for fear of being too vulnerable and... well, real. It's hard to be real sometimes. But I really think we need to be....  

Confession time: I've really been struggling the past few days. With fear, doubt, not
understanding God's lots of areas of my life & those I love. Heavy hearted, overwhelmed, disappointed & down. Reminded tonight by a dear friend that "When the circumstances were the worst & miracles so unlikely, that was the perfect setting for Jesus to come through...otherwise it would be you."I just want to be real here for a minute - bloggers & social media can look so perfect because we only usually share the happy & good... & I want you to know that I struggle, we all struggle - & to encourage you if you're feeling down too. You're not alone & no one's life is perfect. As my friend also said, "The end of the story's already written. It turns out great." :)

Soon, lots of comments from precious souls said I was not alone. 

We are really not all that different. We're really the same, friends. 
We all struggle, we all have ups and downs, we all have unique heartaches and losses.
And we all have a God who cares.

My heart is so much lighter today, after a Sunday afternoon spent sipping coffee and chatting with an old friend in her backyard sunshine. 

Remember you are loved this week, dear one.
And you are not alone.