a date with my main man.

I love these moments. These moments like right now. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes late at night. When the house is quiet. When my cup of tea is steaming. I take a deep breath and quiet my soul. Reading, writing.... writing to Him... prayers, like a letter. Fears, tears, hopes, dreams. Disappointments, things I don't "get". Life. Regrets. Heartache. And love. Oh, the love. The way He loves me... and how I will spend my forever, writing a love song for Him with my life... trying to love Him back. 'Cause He really deserves that. These moments are like dates to me. Not some regimented time I have to begrudgingly cross of my daily checklist. Not some rule I have to follow in order to be loved or accepted. Not some requirement so I'm looked at as a good girl. Just a romance. Just a love story. Mostly, I look forward to these times with a smile... in the way you look forward to a coffee date with the man you love with all your heart. Sometimes, it takes work and commitment - like every real relationship. But He's here and it's real. And I really really love my main man. Jesus.

I'm starting the She Reads Truth Bible reading plan today. We're reading through Hosea. It's gonna be really beautiful. Some precious friends of mine and women I admire so much write and run this amazing ministry. I'm often asked about what devotional type Bible reading plan I recommend - here it is. Join us. See more here: www.SheReadsTruth.com