3 Summertime Things & 3 Lovely Friends

 So, I know it's a liiiiitle bit early, as we're barely in Springtime over here where I live, but I just can't help being excited about Summer. Am I the only one looking forward to iced coffees, picnics, sunshine, and sundresses? I just had to ask a few of my sweet friends who just happen to currently be my sidebar sisters (some call 'em sponsors, I call 'em sisters!) and they shared some of their favorite Summertime things. What are you looking forward to as Summer soon approaches? Share with us in the comments below! And make sure to click on the links and get to know these fabulous ladies - we have 2 lovely blogs and one amazing shop featured below - such fun! 

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1. Being off work! I'm a teacher, so a perk is being able to be a stay at home mommy a couple
months out of the year!
2. Pool time! I am a sun lover, which means laying out in the pool is a must when the crazy Missouri weather warms up!
3. More God one on ones. Having a more flexible summer schedule means I get some alone time with the Lord.

1. I will be visiting my stepson and his wife this summer in San Diego and their NEW BABY! Can't wait.
2. As part of that vacation my daughter and I will be meeting up with them at the Grand Canyon. First time for either of us to see it and it will be on her 20th birthday.
3. Continuing to find new and wonderful ways to grow my Lilla Rose business, including working with lovely folks like Erin!

For me, summer is all about relaxing and getting to spend some time outside without losing feeling in my toes. Winter is rough in New York (this year especially) so it'll just be nice to not have to drag a big coat everywhere. My favorite part of summer is reading outside on a lounge chair with a big iced coffee. (I drink iced coffee all year round so I can finally order it without getting an "are you serious?" look). Lastly, I'm looking forward to the sun being up when I leave for work and when I go home at night. It just puts me in a better mood when it's not dark out all the time!