a vlog // On Where Worth & Identity Can Be Found

I wish we could all meet up for a coffee date and share our hearts, our thoughts, and our struggles from this week. I so treasure you, friends and am thankful for you all. So, since we can't shoot out a text and all meet up in person tonight at our favorite little coffee house and sit in a circle on leather chairs while sipping hot drinks from big mugs, I have brought a coffee date to you! So go put the kettle on or pour a cup of coffee and then come back and join me... go ahead, I'll wait :)

Back now? Okay! I hope you're somehow encouraged by my random string of thoughts on what I learned this week about true worth, where my identity is found, and the truth that we are RICH in God! 

Here's the link to #SheReadsTruth, which I talked about in the vlog. 
It will encourage you! It's a wonderful series. 


Stay strong, beauties! 

You are SO LOVED.