a beautiful (hot) mess

Sometimes, I feel like I'm just waiting, waiting for life to be perfect. Until I have all my little ducks in a row. When all my laundry is done and everything on my to-do list is crossed off at the end of each day. When I go to bed on time and get up earlier than planned every day. When I read all the books on my book list and reply to all the e-mails I receive the day I get them (if you're still waiting for an email, I promise I'm workin' on it!) But maybe real life isn't about waiting for everything to be perfect, nice and tidy before we go out and pursue our dreams or smile widely with happiness. Maybe there is joy in the mess. And let's face it, sometimes our "messes" are a little uglier and a lot more serious than undone laundry. Sometimes, our messes are deep, hurtful, and scary. All the more, I want to try and embrace the mess - because that's life. We live in a broken world. But with God, we have hope. And oh how comforting that is. Friend, may your end of the week be filled with beauty, enjoying the small blessings, and living ... in the hot mess. 

Just sharing some snapshots from my life (AKA my hot mess) lately, and inspirations I've found (and shared on Instagram - find me! @erin_sweetnessitselfblog) 

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Be inspired, be sweet, and be blessed my friends. 
 Lunch with my friend Megan (who's more like a sister) at the cutest little flower lined table.
I love dates with my main man, Jesus.

Love days spent with my sweet childhood friend Rachel & my precious sister Mandy. 
Stopped by the Ranch where I grew up. There's something so special about that place. It has my heart.
Sweet reminders, flowers on my nails, lunch & coffee with my precious friend Carmen!



(first photo above via pinterest)